• The spirit of life in the college must be unity, mutual trust and co-operation between the students, staff and the management.
  • Every students must make it a point of is/her personal duty to attend the class daily and punctually. They are expected to be in the class at the first bell and wait for the teacher.
  • When teachers are forced to take leave and are absent, student should remain in the class and do the work assigned to them for the period or go to the general library. No student should be seen outside the class room during class hours.
  • Students will not see visitors during the class hours. Day students or those residing in other hostels are not allowed to see their visitors in the college. Letters addressed to the college will not be delivered to the students. They will have their letters and communications addressed to their homes.
  • All students are directed to dress their uniform as prescribed by the college authorities. In Wednesdays they may wear modest dresses (Avoid T Shirts. Flimsy Clothes, tights, miniskirt, sleeveless and deep neck lines). Wearing Uniform is mandatory except Wednesday.
  • No students shall leave a class without the permission of the Lecture or until the class is dismissed.
  • No matter of publication in the News paper, Magazine, Journals or notice may be submitted in the name of the college without the permission of the principal.
  • Students who are not attending classes or lectures or working in the Library, during college working hours should take special care not to disturb classes that are going on.
  • Megaphone loudspeakers, mobile phone etc. should not be used and posters, banners or boards shall not be displayed in the campus without prior permission.
  • Mobile Phones inside the college campus is strictly prohibited, 'Surprise inspection Squad' is constituted as per the instruction of the Honorable High Court, Govt Of Keral and University of Calicut.
  • Loss or damage caused to will be, furniture, tools and apparatus of the college due to violent action of student ill be made good by imposing collective fines on all students of the college.
  • No meeting shall be held in the college buildings or anywhere in the college premises without the permission of the Principal.
  • Students shall always carry identify cards with them.
  • Ragging, teasing, intimidating, harassing and use of words of abuse etc. on junior students within the campus or outside are punishable under police act and such matters will be reported immediately to the police.