Our Manager

 Greetings and Warm Wishes.
As the founding member of this esteemed college, I take this assignment as an opportunity to raise the system to greater heights during my tenure. The various positions which I held in the Education Department of Kerala have enabled me to understand the importance of science and its value to the human kind. I am optimistic of bringing about a turn around that will make the HM COLLEGE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY MANJERI, much more relevant from a socio-cultural perspective.

It will be my first priority to concentrate on science by introducing more and more innovative subjects instead of traditional subjects for our students. Our teachers and students require more facilities and need all round support to carryout for moulding their future studies relevant to this modern age. Great achievements have never been possible without the combination of scientific knowledge and knowledge from humanities or soft sciences which facilitate team spirit, synergizing of human minds, commitment and motivation. I am especially impressed by the efforts made by the western countries to fuse the scientific and humanistic knowledge. With the help of a scientifically educated society, I hope to create the institution a vibrant professional space where solutions will be available to the society.
I have much pleasure to keep in mind the great support given by those pious and society loving brothers and sisters who had joined their hands to make this venture a success. I am happy to have shared my thoughts with you and seek your cooperation to make our dream a reality.



Other Managing Committee Members

Sri. Korambayil Mohamed Haji (President)0483-2766137
Sri. E. Moideen Master (Vice President)9946175869
Sri. P. Aboobacker Engineer (Vice President)0483 2767885
Sri. V. Kunhimoideenkutty (Manager)0483 2768329
Sri. P. Alippa (Joint Secretary)0483 2760029
Sri. K. Abdulla (Joint Secretary)0483 2760191
Sri. N.T. Abdul Hakkeem Haji (Treasurer)0483 2766469
Sri. O. Abdul Ali. (Member)0483 2762483
Sri. K.M.A. Shukkoor Master (Member)9447404941
Sri. K.P. Abdul Basheer Master (Member)0483 2767368
Sri. P.T. Ummer Haji (Member)0483 2766766
Sri. V.K. Hassan Engineer (Member)0483 2767691
Sri. C.K. Mayin Engineer (Member)0483 2760375
Sri. M.P.A. Abdul Hameed Kurikkal (Member)0483 2766104
Prof. T. Mohammed Hussain (Member)0483 2768497
Dr. K. Mohammed Umer (Member)0483 2766507
Prof. M. Alavi (Member)9447926346