Students Union

A body of students’ representatives is formed every year as per the guidelines issued by the University of Calicut and Lyngdoh Commission Report. The principal office bearers include: Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary, Arts Club Secretary, Student Editor, University Union Councilors (two), Lady Representatives (two),various class representatives and the Secretaries to the various Subject Associations.The college union is intended to organize most of the co-curricular activities of the college, under the guidance of the Principal and the staff advisors concerned.

The objectives of the college union

  • To train students of the college on the duties and responsibilities of citizenship,
  • To promote opportunities for the development of character, leadership and spirit of service among students.
  • To organize debates, seminars, work squads etc. and to promote opportunities for students to organize sports, arts and other cultural and recreational activities.


The office bearers of the Students’ Union are elected by the Undergraduate and Postgraduate students by secret ballot from among student nominated candidates for each academic year. The class representatives are elected by their respective classes. Together with the Student Union members they form the Student Council

HM College union 2019-20

Muahmmed Haffan VT
Vice Chairman
General Secretary
Shinsi Shifa
Join Secretary
Lulu Lal.K
Fine Arts Secretary
Muhammed Faleel.P
General Captain
Sajjad kiliyamannil
Magazine Editor