The department of geology, established in 2019 is aiming to introduce the various disciplines of earth science. The college is well equipped with a capable laboratory consisting of quality grade equipment and specimens. A group of highly efficient tutors stand at the ready for achieving academic perfection for the department.

Geology is a branch of science which offers a wide range of opportunities in the career arena. In a scenario where the geology of our nation demands more and more trained geologists, the course will prove an asset for those that pursue it. Geology has a plethora of job opportunities both in a national and international scale.

Geology deals with the several stages of the evolution of earth. Earth Is around 4.5 billion years old. Revising this heavily augmented history of earth is a necessity. Geology is all about unearthing these mysteries through the use of rocks, minerals and fossils that date back millions of years.

Geology is a subject having several branches. When studying a subject, we are blessed with the knowledge of how to equip its several assets.

Scope of Geology

  1. Engineering Field
  2. Mining Companies
  3. Groundwater Agencies
  4. Petroleum Companies
  5. Museum Curating

Geology offers student qualifications to apply for State government and Central Government postings. So geology is broad field that can be taken advantage of after their higher education.

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Ms.Athira K

Assistant Professor 

Qualification:M.Sc Geology

Mob: 97451 52223



Assistant Professor

Qualification: B.Sc,MSc Geology 

Mob: 8593092321

Email: kishorekumarmrvm



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