BSc Botany with Chemistry and Zoology

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B.Sc Botany is a three-year-long undergraduate course that deals with the study of plants, plant anatomy, and physiology. The course gives students all the essential knowledge to pursue a career in botanical sciences. There are many job opportunities available for students in this field. Graduates can start with titles such as Plant Pathologists, Farming consultant, Nursery Manager, and more.


BSc Botany:

  • BSc Botany course deals with the scientific study of the plants, algae and fungi.
  • It broadly revolves around the aspects of plants including the growth, structure, reproduction, metabolism, diseases, physiology and chemical properties of the plants and plant anatomy in general.
  • The course is a vast combination of studying from the basic cell structure to the workings and metabolism of plants on higher levels including their evolution.
  • The course is very accurately structured as mostly all the theory based papers are accompanied by practical sessions.
  • This 3 years course also provides a hands-on experience to the students in understanding the scientific concepts through practical knowledge.

 Some of the important highlights of BSc Botany are tabulated below.

Course Level



3 years




10+2 with PCM/PCB [Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Biology] 

Recruiting Areas

Agricultural Research Services, Botanical Survey Senters, Eco-botany,, Environmental Management Units, Fermentation Industries, Farm Management Organizations, Floriculture Sector, etc.

Top Job Positions

Plant Pathologist, Ecologist, Nursery Manager, Plant Explorer, Conservationist, Botanist, Ecologist, Farming Consultant, EthnoBotanist, Forester, Horticulturist, etc.

Top Recruiting Companies

National Chemical Laboratory, Indian Institute of Ecology, Greenpeace, Environmental Education, Nature Conservation Foundation, Science and Environment Industry, etc.